Obligatory introductions and Falafels

I have toyed with the idea of keeping a blog to track events in the last few years and I have posted to the Tourette’s Action “Health Unlocked” page a few times, but never really managed to keep a regular thing going.

I was finally swayed by a friend when I mentioned that I was thinking about it, and I guess it’s a bit late in some ways – I probably should have started this a few months ago when this current bad patch was at it’s peak and I was hospitalised.  My plan is to try and keep a running commentary of the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny moments of life as an adult with severe Tourette’s Syndrome.

As it stands I’m in a slightly calmer place now.  Me and Holly talked about it earlier and considered that on a scale of 0-10 (0 being how I am when it’s at it’s calmest and I’m able to work and 10 being how it was when I ended up with my month long “holiday” in the Royal United Hospital) I’m probably currently sitting around a 7, pushing an 8.

It’s strange how quickly you can end up getting used to something and how difficult it is to judge severity after a while really.
Plenty of big events coming up in my life though – not least that I’m getting married in just over a month – but less than a month after that I will be entering in to a clinical trial for a certain surgery on my brain.

But this is my introductory post, I’ll probably go in to more detail about both of the above when (if) I remember to post and keep things updated.

I think I’ll leave it there!

Oh wait, I forgot about the Falafel part…

Last night while attempting to have a little “pig out” moment on leftovers of some delicious Falafel a friend made, I was caught out by the Tourette’s – I’d taken one bite when I ticced and punched myself in the throat.  Thankfully it was the least painful of those tics I’ve had in a while as the food somewhat padded my hand… but there was a lot of mess all over me, down my top and on the floor.  Oh and I smelt faintly of Falafel until my bath about ten minutes ago. 😛


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About unexpectedmonkeys

My name is Al, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in my mid teens and it has definitely not improved with time! I’ve discovered how interesting it can make life but I’ve always tried to keep a positive attitude and keep moving forwards.

One response to “Obligatory introductions and Falafels”

  1. Rhi says :

    Well there’s worse things to smell of than falafel! And it was pretty funny it must be said! 😀 xxx

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