A post about cleaning. No, seriously. Cleaning.

Six months ago if it had taken me most of the day to clean the living room and hoover the hallway I’d be a little bit worried.  Also at that time if I had thought that activity blog-worthy I’d have been even more worried.  In fact I feel a weird sense of pride in myself today because I managed to do it without (serious) injury.  Feels really weird saying that but I guess I am really appreciating those small achievements at the moment. O.o

Holly has been a bit sad this week, and I decided that today while she was at work I would try my best to get the living room and hallway looking nice and clean as a surprise when she gets home.  To be truthful I really wanted to do the kitchen and bathroom as well, but I decided that those two were a really bad idea mostly because a) sharp/hard edges and b) really can’t use any sort of cleaning products at the moment because of the amount of tics where I do throwing motions or hit myself.

I’m not going to go into a blow by blow (because that would be very, very boring) but I will say that cleaning while having trouble with very violent motor tics definitely has it’s dangers.  My hands and knees hurt like hell and I think it’s going to take a few days for my ankles and back to recover, but I feel really good!  It’s nice to be sat at a clean, dust and clutter free desk and for the only thing covering the floor to be the furniture.  I think that I may have needed a little positive boost at the moment, the room wasn’t a hellhole before but where I’ve been down I haven’t been bothering to tidy up the little things (and as everyone knows the little things build up pretty quickly).

At one point I almost fell out of the window.  I think this would have gone down as “death by misadventure” or whatever terminology they use for when people accidentally off themselves by being really dumb.  I had to prop myself up to shake the duster out of the window and dropped it onto the roof outside* (we live on a third floor flat inside the roof, so outside the window is a tiled roof).  I eventually ended up propped up on my knees on the radiator and leaning out of the window to reach it… without thinking about the risks.  Then I ticced and almost squeezed myself out of the window in the process!  But I got the duster back so all is good I suppose, although I think I might get a slap if Holly reads this for being an idiot!

Also as a result of the jabbing movements and general arm-tics I felt like I was wielding a weapon of war when I was using the hoover.  I was hitting things as I hoovered and there are a few chips and nicks in the skirting boards now.  But that’s fine too because I hoovered up the bits at the same time so that sort of evens out in my mind!  War on dirt won!  Well, OK, battle on dirt.  Battle on dirt won!  I think the war is ongoing.

But it’s done now, and hopefully the surprise will be well recieved.  I’m going to stop typing now because a large part of my psyche is rebelling against the fact that I just typed several paragraphs about cleaning.  Argh!


*This is actually the second time that I have almost fallen out of a window in this flat.  The first time was a year or so ago in the bedroom where we have a diagonal skylight.  Holly awoke to find me sleepwalking, stood on the bed and trying to climb out of the window.  I have no memory up until I got grabbed by the waist and pulled back in by her!


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About unexpectedmonkeys

My name is Al, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in my mid teens and it has definitely not improved with time! I’ve discovered how interesting it can make life but I’ve always tried to keep a positive attitude and keep moving forwards.

2 responses to “A post about cleaning. No, seriously. Cleaning.”

  1. Kaitrana says :

    Kudos to you for sticking it out! I often get so frustrated by the time I’m that ticcy that I just…freak and go lie down. Falling out windows–yikes! Hang in there.

    • unexpectedmonkeys says :

      I’ve been stuck inside not able to walk, cook, clean and all the rest for months now… it hurt but it was worth it! I’ve been falling into the trap of just sitting here playing bass or gaming to pass the time at the moment a lot!
      Trying to keep positive 🙂 thanks!

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