A nice break, at least!

This video was me a week after the operation, the calm was apparently linked to swelling on the brain.

It was absolute bliss!  There were some other side effects that weren’t so pleasant, including headaches, a feeling of pressure, general doziness, pain around the actual operating sites and a host of other stuff that I can’t remember right now.

One of the more annoying side effects so far has been an absolutely insatiable appetite.  No confirmation on whether it’s a definite side effect or not but it’s like the munchies – I can eat a full meal and then a few minutes later I am hungry again.  Not just a little hungry either – I mean like insanely hungry, like I could eat a horse! (If I wasn’t a vagitarian)

So a run down of things since the operation:

Firstly I will say this: I was told by somebody who had already undergone the procedure before me that the buildup was worse than the actual operation – which was completely the case.  I built myself up to it being incredibly scary, when in fact my only real memory is them putting the cannula in my arm for the anaesthetic and then nothing… I just woke up in a recovery side room.  My memories are pretty hazy for the first day or so, I know that I was on oxygen but only realised when they took it away, and I was being pumped full of antibiotics and morphine.

The worst part was the first couple of days after the operation, I was in fairly constant discomfort.  I was being fed plenty of oral morphine and other painkillers.  I found it painful to lie on the back of my head so sleeping was a pain (literally and figuratively) and I felt very confused and out of sorts.  I had a few scares and emergency scans/blood tests as well, that was genuinely terrifying!  All was OK in the end though I was kept in for a few extra days monitoring because of the scares and after that I was discharged.

It’s been a fortnight now since the operation and the tics are starting to come back.  It’s a bit unpleasant at times (to say the least) – when I hyper-extend I can feel the cable from the control unit moving under the skin – a feeling that I am not going to get used to any time soon!  Also it’s only been a fortnight, so things are still healing.  There is still a rather raw wound on my chest, and I’m still not allowed to touch my head wounds (infection risks etc).  And as I mentioned, the tics are really beginning to come back now.

I am still a LOT calmer than I was this time three weeks ago, but no idea how long that will last.


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My name is Al, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in my mid teens and it has definitely not improved with time! I’ve discovered how interesting it can make life but I’ve always tried to keep a positive attitude and keep moving forwards.

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