With the help my my lovely wife and my old frenemy Diazepam (10mg of the accursed stuff to be exact!) I finally managed to have a haircut yesterday.  I had to wait so long for all of the wounds to heal (had several mini setbacks – the rear wound taking a long time to heal, knocking scabs off etc) and I was actually pretty nervous about the whole thing.  Which, of course, meant that my tics exploded.  Although thanks to the lady who did the haircut at the barber’s being very understanding, putting me at my ease and also moving the barbers chair and suggesting that I stay in the wheelchair (extra points there!!) for the haircut things went fairly smoothly with only minor “Ow!” moments.

To achieve the haircut without any damage she used the time-honoured technique for cutting Al’s hair – which is shave a little and then jump back when I start to tic (or when I say to move if I get the feeling first).  She also shaved my face, which is good because my face clippers are a) missing a charger and b) kinda dangerous to use with motor tics.

So now I definitely feel more human again, but the OCD has reared its ugly head again.  Now I may actually have to get a hairstyle as my head looks really, really uneven to me – I have an obsession with symmetry.  There is a big lump on the back left side (not visible in the pics) and uneven sized/spaced scars at the front.  I’m hoping that a combination of wilful ignorance, refusal to look in the mirror for a while and stubbornness to change my long standing short haircut habits will override my current revulsion at the new shape/look of my head.  Wow written down like that it looks totally stupid.  Although to be fair since when were obsessions linked to OCD ever actually logical and since when did realising that ever really have much of an effect on them.  (Spoilers: Never.)

So that’s it, I will try and write more regularly again – although it’s not like anybody will be able to read most of my posts for months anyway (as previously mentioned, publishing privately until I am given the go-ahead to make them public!).  I will conclude with some pictures of the haircut and also, obviously, the healed scars.  Apologies for the atrocious quality: Blame my DSLR for running out of battery and forcing me to use my crappy camera phone!! 🙂


Haircut, front and back

Haircut, front and back 🙂


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My name is Al, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in my mid teens and it has definitely not improved with time! I’ve discovered how interesting it can make life but I’ve always tried to keep a positive attitude and keep moving forwards.

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